Models INO

  • 1100INO 1100

  • 1010INO 1010


The INO line has different characteristics compared to standard office/personal computers in terms of reliability , compatibility, energy consumption, and customer support .

The PCs INOVATTIO are typically characterized by being manufactured with the latest technology and best electronic components and more reliable than regular PCs and therefore differ considerably in terms of quality.

Based on this technology, INO models has great performance, full compatibility and low power consumption (only 68w).


All our effort was based on providing a unique computer to the market and with great reliability.

The INOVATTIO computers have a quiet operation providing a pleasant system to use everyday.

Compact, elegant, reliable and ECO -friendly, these new devices are already a success in homes, workplaces and public places such as airports, Cybers Coffes, and are configured for the most diverse and attractive applications such a digital multimedia for example.

The INOVATTIO computers are also equipped with a HD decoder and 2 GigaLAN Ethernet ports, quality and speed are no problems.

INOVATTIO your day-by-day computer.