Models Magister 150 Office

  • MA7-3770SMA7-3770S

  • MA5-3570MA5-3570

  • MA3-3240MA3-3240

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Now your business can fly.

The Magister 150 line is perfect for Home/Office/Business .

With a relatively low cost, we offer to you will a large processing , memory and a power consumption of only 150W.

Choosing the Inovattio Magister 150, you will have a computer with the best price for your daily business tasks.


Tailor made to your company.

No matter what size is your company or office is, the Magister 150 is perfect.
Each company have their own needs, so Magister 150 can supply them.

The Magister 150 can have large storage space, large memory and dual or quad -core Intel iCore processors, to handle your tasks such as large spreadsheets, documents and networking.