Models Magister D

No boundaries

If you are a video, audio or photo editing professional, it is important to look for a computer that has the power to run your multimedia programs without problems.
Multimedia computers generally have better processors, more RAM and higher graphics cards compared to a daily work computer.

The Inovattio Magister D came with this philosophy, provide a excellent computer hardware to perform these tasks with high performance.

We offer everything you need to create and maintain your videos, photos and music with no hassle.

A computer like no other

We built The Magister D with high quality components, including models with water cooling, so if you are a video or 3D professional you can render your videos and 3D projects in high resolution.

The performance of Inovattio Magister D is excellent for performing certain tasks.

We offer entry model with AMD A6 Dual core processor with ATI Radeon R5 , to a top of the line , an A10 Quad Core processor and GPU 8 cores with ATI Radeon R7 and water cooled .

A similar computer on the market today will consume at least 600W, the Magister D offers all this for just 150W.

With all these elements combined , you will have a multimedia computer that will surprise you. You can edit, 3D design, play and do more with Inovattio Magister D.