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Compact Size and High Performance

Mini PCs Inovattio are compact, powerful and energy eficient.

Not fit only in performance but also fit on the palm of your hand.

In small office space, mini- PCs of Inovattio become the best option.

  • Perfect for home theater.

    The mini – PCs Inovattio comes equipped with FHD decoder, you can watch your movies online in high definition.

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  • J1900

  • As media – indoor.

    Very small , these mini – PCs are perfect for media-indoor installation, where space is very limited.
    Equipped with a powerful processing, your FHD vídeos bring a new experience to its users

  • As terminals.

    From computer labs in schools or universities to government organizations or non-profit institutions, Inovattio mini – PCs were designed for these segments.

    There is a large field for mini – PCs Inovattio.

    Call our sales department to clarify your doubts.

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